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David Bowie.

June 20th 2007 02:18
David Bowie

David Bowie
Bowie the fashion icon

Born David Robert Jones on January 8th 1947, with a career that has spanned almost 40 years David Bowie is a pop culture icon whose influence spreads beyond the boundaries of music into fashion, art and cinema.

Putting Madonna to shame when it comes to image changes, David Bowie has had more alter egos than even the most successful secret agents.

David Bowie early years
Early on his journey

After several failed attempts at stardom early on, it was a TV special for "Space Oddity" that finally caught the attention of the public. A few years later he transformed into the androgynous Ziggy Stardust, pioneering the era of glam rock. Adorned in outlandish costumes, smothered in make up with colorful, meticulously styled hair, his persona took stage theatrics into innovative new directions. It was during this time that he released songs like “Changes”, “Suffragette City” and “Starman”.

David Bowie Soul Asylum
Alter egos in action

Next came Aladdin Sane, an attempt to customize his look for the American market then Diamond Dogs which was a concept album built around an Orwellian future.

David Bowie Alladin Sane
Alladin Sane

By 1975, it was time to shake things up again creating what he dubbed the “Plastic Soul” sound, which included international hits like Fame and Young Americans.

Heavily addicted to drugs and psychologically confused, the following year came The Thin White Duke, an all new character reinvention for Bowie to hide behind and also market the album Station to Station, with the track “Golden Years”.

David Bowie Pirate
Bowie was Pirating the Caribbean years ago

His megalomania in frenzy, physical and mental health reduced to near fatal levels he decided to up and move to Germany with Iggy Pop and attempt to detox. It was in this mindset that the record Low came out. Now considered a revolutionary work, at the time critics and fans did not appreciate his work with Brian Eno.

Only slightly more refined the arrival of his next “Heroes” met a positive reception and the final part of his unofficial “Berlin Trilogy” the Lodger came out in 1979.

David Bowie Style
Cleaned up and shining bright

Touring frantically for most of the 1970’s in the early part of the 80’s he cleaned up and began producing more radio friendly pop songs. Branching out to form Tin Machine later in the decade his evolution has continued in the 90’s where he embraced the industrial sound as well as rap and Hip Hop.

David Bowie Grunge
Coming out the other side

Appearing in the film The Man Who Fell To Earth in 1976, he continued acting in the likes of The Hunger, Merry Christmas Mr Lawerence, Last Temptation of Christ and Labyrinth. Most recently he co starred in Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige.

David Bowie Bussiness man
Fitting into teh Wall Street 80's

Multitalented and infinitely adaptable, with each new album or collaboration Bowie continues to evolve in the new millennium.

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Comment by Anonymous

October 20th 2007 03:18
Might wanna check your source on moving to "Russia." It was called the BERLIN TRILOGY because Bowie and Pop were in BERLIN. Which, last time I checked, is NOT in Russia. In fact, I'm really pretty sure it is in Germany. If my memory serves even better than that, they inhabited the unheated upper floor of a mechanic's shop during the winter, and it was here, in Berlin, that most of Bowie's "cleaning up" occurred. That's why he moved there in the first place, to refocus, simplify, and work on his avant-garde ideas for music and visual art. Other than that, I'd say that sums it up, if in fact the incomprable David Bowie can be summed up.

Comment by Anonymous

October 20th 2007 03:20
Oh, and his drug-of-choice was Cocaine, a habit he really indulged more than any other time, when in So-Cal. He speaks of waking up in a gutter, not knowing which gutter, and deciding that something simply had to change or he was not going to survive.

Comment by Lilla

February 8th 2008 11:46
..and that's when we got 'Low' and became 'Heroes' and discovered that Major Tom was a drunkard, strung out in heaven's high...

I can't believe I missed this post... I grew up with this man's music in my ear and owned it ALL - every last album (even ones he made before his fame) - until someone stole them... *sob* been re-collecting them on CD, but can;t get the early ones...

Comment by Tyronne

February 9th 2008 03:57
Hi Anon,

You are right I completely got my timeline mixed there. Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by Tyronne

February 9th 2008 03:58
Hi Lilla,

Bowie is a multitalented performer for sure, always been a fascination of mine too.

Thanks for the visit.

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